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Mentoring Memberships are our personalized sessions where you are the only student. It’s catered to exactly what you want to learn and where you are at with your photography

corey kennedy photography mentoring

Corey Kennedy Photography has clients across the globe and a network of creatives to help make the brand possible.  We have big sights for 2022 and beyond.  
Are you ready?

For wedding, elopement and portrait photographers who are looking to invest in their art-form and learn from our team of creative leaders.

Saving the best for last, we cover client acquisition, contracts, communication, and creating a sales funnel to dial in on who you really want to work with.

This is where I become the student to learn about you, your business, and aspirations.  Knowing you allows us to build the right brand on who your ideal clients are.

Editing can be challenging.  The first part is always attempting to capture in-camera the intent for your subject.  However, we examine ways to change photo scenes after capture entirely in Lightroom.

We examine poses based on composition standards that allows you not to rely on memorizing poses or even consider buying pose cards.

Mentoring Topics

We focus on four main topics for mentoring.  However, we can customize plans based on your overall goal because not any two businesses are the same.

This is a session unlike any other.  We will cover everything from the ground up on how to start a successful photography business, timelines, struggles, etc.
This also comes with the ability to generate new content across multiple subjects that can be used for portfolios.

6 Hour In-Person Session

STUDIO — $800

This block is designed for creatives looking to re-engineer their business, seek a new skill, understand an aspect of a digital nomad better.  We will cover resources for client acquisition, defining your brand, self-investing means, and more!

Three Hour Video Session

ONLINE — $100

I am all about helping others and sharing my knowledge to help those seeking to follow in my footsteps.  These sessions will help as a "check-in" to see where you are, where you want to be, and how (over time) we can get you there.  Spots for these sessions are limited by nature, so sign up and book your spot now!

Monthly One Hour Video Session 


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Learn more about how to reach new clients, what tools to use, view upcoming content days, and more!

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